Overseas Private Equity Giant KKR Set Up a Fund Company in Hainan

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Recently, KKR Asia Limited, a subsidiary of overseas private equity giant KKR, set up Kaide Private Equity Fund Management (Hainan) Limited (hereinafter referred to as Kaide Private Equity) in Hainan, and received approval from the China Securities Fund Association to register as a private equity fund manager with the business type of QDLP (Qualified Domestic Limited Partner) and other pilot institutions.

Hainan officially launched QDLP pilot work in April last year. In June, the provincial local financial supervision bureau organized a promotional team to Shanghai to visit a number of foreign head investment institutions, QDLP pilot policy interpretation and promotion, and invited foreign head investment institutions to participate in the pilot. After the promotional meeting, some head international investment institutions returned to visit Hainan, and submitted pilot applications to the provincial local financial supervision bureau. In August, KKR was selected as a pilot company in the "Hainan Province Qualified Domestic Limited Partner (ODLP) Overseas Investment Pilot List".

KKR is one of the oldest and most experienced private equity firms in the world with the most mature industrial investments. As of March 31, 2022, its assets under management amounted to $479 billion.

The approval of KKR's private equity fund manager registration is a milestone in the integrated innovation of Hainan FTP system, which indicates the recognition of Hainan FTP financial policies and investment opportunities by high-level international investment institutions, and is a concrete manifestation of Hainan FTP's rich investment attractiveness.

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Source(s): OA-HeadStartLab

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