One-Stop Service! Hainan International Investment “Single Window” Further Upgraded.

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After nearly half a year of development and construction, on August 3, the optimized and upgraded Hainan International Investment “Single Window” was launched. This upgrade adds functions such as offline window “nearest service” and cross-scenario intelligent guidance to further improve the investment service system and provide investors with “one-stop”, convenient and efficient services.

Hainan International Investment “Single Window” is the first “package-style” service platform for the whole investment process in China, which was officially launched in August 2020. In this optimization and upgrading work, Hainan International Investment’s “Single Window” focused on four aspects: investment consulting, business establishment, project construction, and supporting services. The offline window “nearest service” and cross-scenario intelligent guidance will be added to further improve the investment service system, optimize investment-themed services, improve users’ sense of acquisition, and make it easier for investors to quickly locate investment service matters. The upgraded Hainan International Investment “Single Window” has three main highlights:

One is to improve the work experience.

The “Single Window” optimizes and upgrades service content and service logic based on the user concept, integrates various investment-related business systems and service functions into the “Single Window”, and thematically more investment service matters to realize the “single point” of investment services shift to a “package”. You can browse and handle government affairs and public services related to investment in “Single Window”, avoiding enterprises rushing to handle investment-related matters one by one, saving time and labor costs for enterprises.

The second is intelligent guidance, smooth work process.

“Single Window” relies on the province’s unified identity authentication system, data sharing system and other capabilities to promote the online and offline, cross-department and cross-scenario collaborative linkage of investment services. Focusing on the operation of foreign-funded enterprises and the high-frequency handling of matters related to the life of the employees of the enterprise, it integrates various service functions such as financial services, headquarters identification, car purchase and housing purchase, medical and health care, etc., to build a new model of “one-window handling” for foreign investment matters. Form a whole-process service chain to ensure that enterprises and investors “log in to one window and accomplish multiple tasks”. The newly upgraded service page also provides domestic and foreign investors with intimate and convenient “enterprise start-up”, “project construction” and “supporting services” sections of the whole-process intelligent guidance service for government affairs services, improving the online window’s “active service” capability.

The third is the offline window “nearest service”

“Single Window” continues to innovate service concepts and service methods, and promotes functional subsidence and service extension. At present, 24 offline service windows have been added in the government affairs service centers of cities, counties and key parks in the province, and the investment promotion department will arrange for special personnel to station in the points to respond to offline consultation and service demands of enterprises in a timely manner.

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Source(s): Hainan Rule of Law Network & Hainan Free Trade Port

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