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The First "Zero Tariff" Large Aircraft Cleared Customs in Hainan Free Trade Port, Worth USD 100 Million

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On September 8, 2022, a Boeing 777-200L-RF cargo aircraft was cleared at Meilan Airport, which is owned by Haikou Customs, with a value of US$100 million. This is the first "zero-tariff" large aircraft to benefit from the Hainan Free Trade Port's "zero-tariff" policy for transportation and yachts, setting a new high for a single ticket under the "zero-tariff" policy for transportation and yachts. It is reported that the aircraft will be put into use in international cargo operations.

Lin Yong, director of Haikou Customs Tariff Department, said that the import of this large aircraft demonstrates three new features of the implementation of the "zero tariff" policy:

One is "zero tariff". More and more aircraft can enjoy discounts. On the basis of the 3 imported helicopters, heavy aircraft have been added. Second, Zhongzhou Airlines has built its main operating base in Hainan, and the preferential cargo aircraft will be put into operation. The international freight business has added new capacity to the international routes of the free trade port, and the benefits of the "zero tariff" policy are constantly being released; third, it has set a new record for the amount of ticket benefits under the "zero tariff" policy for transportation and yachts, which shows that the policy of "zero tariff" is further enhanced.

Hainan Finance and Economics Quick Review: It is understood that the "zero tariff" policy has effectively reduced the operating costs of benefiting companies, enhanced their investment confidence, and helped more companies to invest in the Hainan Free Trade Port. As of August 2022, the competent authorities of Hainan Province have reviewed a total of 2,330 enterprises with "zero-tariff" import qualifications for transportation vehicles and yachts. At present, 113 enterprises have carried out import business, and the value of imported goods is 3.94 billion yuan.

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Source(s): WeChat OA-Zi Mao Jiang Dong

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