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Duty-free Goods of Paris Route Successfully Arrived in Haikou

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A Boeing 787-900 passenger-to-cargo charter plane loaded with department stores and high-end apparel took off from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. After a 12.5-hour flight, it went directly to Haikou Meilan International Airport at 7:42 on September 4th.

This is the first boutique freight route for duty-free goods from the outlying islands to reach Haikou directly in Hainan Province since the implementation of the duty-free policy, and is another important milestone in promoting the development of the duty-free industry on the outlying islands.

Reshaping the pattern of air logistics and improving the function of air cargo hub

Facing the unbalanced development of the international air cargo market with "full cabins on the outbound journey and no load on the return journey", Haikou actively leveraged the policy advantages of "Island duty-free + 9610 cross-border e-commerce" to reshape the new pattern of the international air logistics market and strive to become an important hub and intersection of international and domestic double-loop.

On the return journey, actively strive for the direct air freight of duty-free goods from European outlying islands to Haikou, optimize the traditional route of transiting to Haikou through Guangzhou\Hong Kong and other places, improve transportation efficiency and reduce overseas collection costs;

In terms of outbound journeys, Haikou Meilan Airport took advantage of cross-border e-commerce "9610" rapid customs clearance to complete "9610" customs clearance supervision within 2 hours, with efficiency comparable to Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Improve air logistics infrastructure and enhance air cargo support capabilities

With the goal of enhancing the international competitiveness of air logistics, the Jiangdong New District Airport Economic Zone in Haikou is vigorously cultivating high-quality market players and promoting the ability of air logistics to support the industrial chain and supply chain. The opening and stable operation of the Haikou-Paris route will, on the one hand, help improve Haikou's air logistics network of " globally accessible, fully capable, safe and reliable" and, on the other hand, accelerate the construction and improvement of infrastructure such as cargo terminal canopy, apron renovation and expansion, and port qualification capacity.

Strengthen the precise coordination of departments to improve the level of air cargo quality service

In the whole process of the implementation of the Haikou-Paris route, the Administration of Haikou Jiangdong New District coordinated the whole process, actively contacted the Commerce Bureau, the Bureau of Transport, Port and Maritime Affairs, the airport customs, international cargo stations, Hainan Airlines, international freight forwarders and other relevant units, to compact the main responsibility at all levels and strengthen the precise coordination of multiple departments, and initially realized the "7 * 24 hours" customs clearance Service.

According to the customer's demand, Meilan Airport works overtime and provides non-stop service in the early morning to ensure the loading and unloading of cargo, storage and group board. In order to match the departure time of the flight, Meilan Airport Customs even deployed four business backbones to carry out centralized inspection in the morning of September 2.

In the next step, the Jiangdong New District Administration will follow the relevant deployment and requirements of the provincial government and the municipal government, based on the prevention and control of the epidemic, continuously enrich and optimize the international cargo hub network, strive to expand and strengthen the duty-free air logistics market, accelerate the attraction of overseas consumption back, promote the construction of the international tourism consumption center, and inject new momentum into the development of the new industry of international trade and the prosperity of the international air cargo market for Hainan's free trade port.

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Source(s): WeChat OA-Zi Mao Jiang Dong

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