What Requirements can Foreign Chinese PhDs Meet to Apply for Permanent Residence in China?

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According to the 12 immigration facilitation policy measures implemented by the State Administration of Immigration on August 1, 2019, foreign Chinese with a doctorate degree and working in China can apply to the Exit-Entry Administration of the public security authorities for permanent residence in China, and their foreign spouses and minor children can apply with them. The policy is implemented nationwide with no geographical restrictions.

Nanjing, China

The following documents are required to be submitted for the application.

1. Application Form for Permanent Residence in China for Foreigners and a photo of the person's identification.

2. A copy of the valid passport information page and residence permit.

3. Certificate of foreign Chinese (certificate of accession to foreign nationality and certificate of cancellation of Chinese household registration, or letter of certification of foreign Chinese issued by the overseas Chinese administration at prefecture level, etc.)

4, doctoral degree certificate, foreign college graduates need to provide certification issued by the Ministry of Education Service Center for Study Abroad.

4. A copy of the Business License of the enterprise of the work unit, a certificate of employment issued by the work unit, and a copy of the Work Permit for Foreigners.

6、Certificate of no criminal record outside China certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.

7、Certificate of medical examination (issued by the health and quarantine department designated by our government or issued by a foreign health care institution and certified by our embassies and consulates abroad, the certificate should be issued within 6 months before the date of acceptance).

8、Translation (if the relevant materials are in foreign languages, they should be translated into Chinese and stamped with the seal of the translation company).

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