Countdown to Four Days - The Second China International Consumer Products Expo is Coming!

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On July 26, 2022, the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo(hereinafter referred to as "Consumer Expo") . At that time, the Consumer Expo will be the first offline exhibition among the four major exhibitions in China this year.

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How are the preparations for the 2nd Consumer Expo going?

What activities can we look forward to?

What are the participating brands?

Up to now, according to statistics, the second China International Consumer Products Expo has confirmed more than 700 exhibitors and more than 1,300 exhibiting brands, covering 57 countries and regions around the world.

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Surprisingly, many global top brands have been added to the second consumer expo, and they will bring high-quality and characteristic boutiques to the consumer expo for the first time, injecting fresh blood into the exhibition.

For example, American Estee Lauder, Coty Group, Japan Kose in the fragrance industry, American Tuming in the luggage industry, French Karl Lagerfeld in the clothing industry, Japan Dayiwa in the sea fishing industry, Hong Kong Xie Ruilin in the jewelry industry, and Italy in the automobile industry Ferrari and Maserati etc.

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The second Consumer Expo will focus more on professional buyers, more on the consumer boutique industry, and more on the degree of matching with exhibitors. It will focus on inviting tax-free business enterprises, physical supermarkets, and e-commerce to participate in procurement transactions. It is expected that the second session The total number of buyers and professional visitors at the Consumer Expo will exceed 40,000.

The second Consumer Expo will also hold a series of supporting activities with rich content and various forms. On the basis of highlighting the debut of new products, a series of supporting activities with rich content and various forms such as global consumption forums and international fashion shows are newly held.

Hainan in July is full of enthusiasm, looking forward to your participation!

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Source(s): The China International Comsumer Products Expo

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